The James Larocca Project


The James Larocca Project: Embrightened Borders

January 8, 2013 - Enbrightened Borders is the latest release from The James LaRocca Project.

I live with MS. My music reflects the emotions I feel while battling this affliction. It can go from despair to feeling of hope and enlightenment. Regardless I feel my music reflects a sense of beauty. I have had my music used as a soundtractk for independent film makers. It has been played on Lights Out, a local Portland Oregon radio program. My music has been choreographed for a number of ballet performances. I have made two appearances on Oregon Art Beat on PBS TV, where they talked about my MS, and how it played a roll in my musical compositions. I hope you will enjoy my music. - James LaRocca. January 2013.

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The James LaRocca Project – Tears from Yesterday

From The Album “The Never Ending” available on itunes


Tears from Yesterday
I’m still here, can they see. Do they feel, feel me. Eye’s of a bird, seeing within, seeing the truth. Touch a flower, soft and still, beauty within, beauty that’s true. Can you feel my heart, can you feel your own. search inside, search alone. Can you see, what I see. can you feel, what I feel. Deep inside, deep within. Tears for tomorrow, tears for yesterday. Calling, falling, my heart is churning deep within..


  • Amelia Bierly
  • Sherill Roberts
  • Brian Sanderlin
  • Don DeFrang

Composed and Orchestrated by James Larocca

Video Credits

  • Directed and Shot by Tim Brennan
  • Produced by James Larocca, Tim Brennan & Josh Longoria
  • Edited by Tim Brennan

  • Chelsea Janzen